Circle Henge

​           Ingraved O.U.T.’s true identity is currently unknown. He is rumored to be an estranged half-brother of G-shooz, however Shooz refuses to go into detail for unknown reasons. He has said to have spent much of his life in an asylum. Very little is known about his history or even his whereabouts at any given time.

​          ​Ingraved O.U.T. is just getting started in his career. He has features on the international compilation series Soul Logic Presents The Movement Vol.1 Hosted By Planet Asia, also featuring greats like Method Man of Wu Tang Clan and Montage One of Gold Chain Military. He made cameo’s on UGH (Ungerground Hustlas) compilation series #38 and #39, alongside greats such as Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung, Esham, King Gordy, Boondox, Doomsday & more. 

       He is an unparalleled force on the group Circle Henge, which birthed a style of music called "Dimensional Music." Ingraved O.U.T. just released his debut Album World’s Sickest Mc (march 15, 2013), which has already gained sales and rave reviews. 


COO                    : Siclogic Records

Lieutenant               : Circle Henge 

​Member              : Soul Logic Movement 


Ingraved O.U.T.


        Gary Graves (born december 04, 1982) better known as G shooz a.k.a. Gumshooz Of The Streetz , is an American rapper, songwriter, executive producer, event host, club promotor, and CEO. He also produces and mixes under the alias Dj Siclogic. G shooz is the leader of the group Circle Henge, the founder of the Soul Logic Movement, honored  member of the Ghetto Government, and has been appointed their West Coast General. 


         Raised in Hillsboro, Oregon and lived his adulthood in Venice and Los Angeles, California. G shooz has become one of the largest selling Hip Hop artist out of Oregon and Venice to date. He is currently selling physical copies and digital downloads worldwide creating a buzz, landing him headlining tours, hosting spots, and even a residency at LA’s Largest weekly  Hip Hop event, Urban Underground. G shooz works with several grammy award winning mixing and mastering engineers and producers, plus he collaborates with platinum artists such as Prodigal Sunn, Bad Azz, Ray Luv, and has produced/mixed for Prodigal Sunn, Bad Azz, Ray Luv, and Planet Asia. 


       G shooz has opened for many of the biggest legends in Hip Hop, and has executive produced works featuring artists such as 50 cent of G-Unit, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg of Dogg Pound, Method Man of Wu Tang Clan, Young Buck formerly of G-Unit, Yo Gotti, Juicy J of Three Six Mafia, Trae The Truth, Gucci Mane, Kurupt & Daz Dillinger of Dogg Pound, Krs One, E-40, Too Short, Roger Troutman of Zapp, Tech N9ne, Yo Gotti, Bubba Sparxxx, Capadonna of Wu Tang Clan, Killah Priest & Prodigal Sunn of Sunz of Man/ Wu Tang Clan, Ras Kass of Tha Four Horseman, Bad Azz of Dpg, Tash of Alkaholiks, Planet Asia of Cali Agents, Devin The Dude, Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples, Keak The Sneak, Mistah Fab, B-Legit, Brotha Lynch Hung, Tragedy Khadafi of Ghetto Government, Hell Razah of Sunz of man/ Ghetto Government, Gangsta Rid of Boo Yaa Tribe, Kardinal Offishall, Ra the Rugged Man, Black Silver of Analog Brothers, Starlitto, Lil Wyte, Lil Chuckie, Holocuast, King Gordy, Boondox, Madchild, Bad Guy, 2 Mex, Medusa, Doomsday, Ray Luv of Strictly Dope, West Coast Killa Beez and many more.


        His debut album, Gumshooz of the Streetz, has earned him tv and radioplay. His successful compilation series Soul Logic Presents The Movement is currently circulating internationally with over 10 thousand physical units sold, and countless downloads. His group's debut album, Circle Henge: Dimensional Music, are both gaining critical acclaim. G- shooz has also made album placements, impressions in magazines, as well as various blogs and online forums. As far as singles shooz currently has a single titled Bubble Butt which has sold over 5 thousand downloads, and over 20 thousand streams. His sophomore and third solo album are continuing to sell, and he followed them up with his Greatest hits album! His newest single Air Control (Kendrick Lamar Response) quickly became the 2cd highest selling and streamed song in sic logic record's over 150 song catalogue. 


G shooz is also the CEO of a multi-million dollar grossing establishment known worldwide as Smokin’ Heaven, which extends to clothing lines, Water Pipe lines, and other smoking accessory lines. Be on the lookout for his newest compilation Soul Logic Presents The Movement vol.4, Hosted By Kurupt dropping 2015. 





 Gumshooz Of The Streetz


CEO       : Siclogic Records 

          : Siclogic Publishing

          : Soul Logic Studios

          : Soul Logic Entertainment 

          : Smokin’ Heaven  

Leader    : Circle Henge 

          : Soul Logic Movement 

Member    : Ghetto Government 







​President :                          Circle Henge 

President :               Circle Henge Family

Member :               Soul Logic Movement

Member :                  Ghetto Goverment

           Circle Henge encompasses all members of Siclogic Records into a family style all-star group that is changing the indusrty. Circle Henge has developed their own style of music titled Dimensional Music, which is comprised of and embraces all forms of music. Their hit debut album is justly titled, Dimensional Music, and was released April of 2012 earning sales and international recognition. 

                        Circle Henge has featured on Soul Logic presents The Movement Vol. 1, 2, and 3 alongside greats such as SNOOP DOGG - E-40 - TOO SHORT - METHOD MAN - ROGER TROUTMAN - RAS KASS - TASH - KILLAH PRIEST - PLANET ASIA - BAD AZZ - B-LEGIT - DEVIN THE DUDE - MISTAH FAB - RAKAA IRISCIENCE - KARDINAL OFFISHALL - RA THE RUGGEDMAN - BLACK SILVER - KEAK THE SNEAK - LIL WYTE - RAY LUV, and more. Circle Henge also made cameo’s On UGH (Underground Hustla’s) #38 and #39, the hottest selling Underground Hustla’s album’s of all time. 

             Summer 2015 Circle Henge is featuring on the newest of the series, Soul LogicPresents The Movement Vol. 4 Hosted By Kurupt ft. 50 CENT - KRS ONE - YOUNG BUCK - YO GOTTI - BUBBA SPARXXX - BAD AZZ - CAPADONNA - KILLAH PRIEST - PLANET ASIA - KEAK THE SNEAK - RICHIE RICH - HELL RAZAH - BOO YAA TRIBE - HOLOCAUST - TRAGEDY KHADADFI - STARLITTO - LIL WYTE - BAD GUY - 2MEX- MEDUSA - BLACK KNIGHTS & more !

           Circle Henge is now extending the core group to a larger collaboration called Circle Henge Family, with all original members plus additional members P.S.Y.C. and Dj Guillotine. The first project is already under works and is anticipated to be released 2015. 

Leader                      :         G-shooz

President                       :          Cyclogic Mc

Lieutenant                      :          Ingraved O.U.T.

Producer/ Dj                   :          Dj Siclogic 

              Circle Henge family is a tightly knit family of Mc’s, Dj’s , Producers, singers, engineers, business men alike. They thrive off each others energy, have all collaborated with each other in one way or another, however this is the first time they have officially combined musical efforts as Circle Henge Family !

The Circle Henge family is currently releasing the first singles, one in September and another by October ! Then they plan to release their (debut album) “BLUEPRINT TO THE SOUL” in 2015.

Circl​e Henge Family

Leader :                                            G-shooz

President :                                       Cyclogic 

​Lieutenant:                                      Ingraved O.U.T

Producer/ Dj :                                  Dj Siclogic 

Captain :                                          P.S.Y.C.

Dj :                                                   Dj Guillotine